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Born and raised in Hong Kong (b. 2002), Victor is currently studying for an LLB (Hons) Law Degree at King’s College London. Inspired by the Hong Kong anti-extradition bill social movement in 2019, he is passionate about documenting and informing others about the volatile and turbulent times. Hence in addition to his ongoing studies, he worked with a Hong Kong media, Variant HK, as an independent journalist and photographer, where he strived to bring attention to local and global issues by means of words and visuals. 


Preliminarily focusing on social justice in his hometown, Victor further extended his concern on foreign matters. He travelled to Poland and France at his own expense throughout 2022-2023, where he witnessed Ukrainians fleeing from the Russian Invasion, and the French citizens taking their demands to the streets. He aspires to bring the voices of those who are suffering or striving for social justice back to his hometown, Hong Kong; and to depict the situation of his hometown to those who are far from it.

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